Our History

All of our founding directors were huge fans of UK video game magazines back in the 1990s such as Mean Machines, EDGE, Super Play, Total and Computer and Video Games. This inspired each of them to independently create websites to either honour or emulate those inspirational magazines. Finding each other through their creations they ended up working together on a number of Nintendo-themed websites that were amalgamated into the Nintendo Life we have today and plenty of other projects along the way.

Virtual Console Reviews

Wii Love Retro

Virtual Console Reviews started as a joint effort between Damien McFerran and Darren Calvert which was spun out of their Mean Machines Archive site. The site quickly became popular amounts retro enthusiasts and Anthony was enlisted to sure up the hosting environment to keep up with demand. A few years later the content was folded into the reborn Nintendo Life.

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WiiWare World

Reviewing everything WiiWare

After the success of Virtual Console Reviews, Damien, Darren and Anthony worked together on their first joint project and emulated the success of VCR by reviewing every single WiiWare gaming for Nintendo's Wii console. Upon the reveal of DSiWare it was clear that we needed to bring all our efforts together and all our WiiWare content was folded into Nintendo Life in 2009.

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Nintendo Life

The World's Most Popular Independent Nintendo Website

The Nintendo Life team is dedicated to bringing you the biggest news and trustworthy reviews from the wide world of Nintendo. Our team of expert writers has been assembled with the sole purpose of making you, our favourite reader, the most knowledgeable and popular Nintendo fan you can be..

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Do you Move?

Movemodo was our first PlayStation-related website following Sony's attempt at Wii-like motion controls which have gone on to become an important technology for the initial version of PlayStation VR on the PS4. Whilst Move was well supported at the time we ended up folding all of our Move content into Push Square when we teamed up with founder Sammy Barker.

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The Future Of Video Games?

KINECTaku was our first Xbox-related website, gambling on the take up of Microsoft's promising new technology. Whilst the device is still hugely impressive even today it never really gained mainstream momentum and we folded all our KINECT content into a new Xbox-specific website, Pure Xbox.

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Push Square

The UK’s Biggest PlayStation Online Magazine

PlayStation is a brand synonymous with passion, and here at Push Square we're committed to fulfilling your desire for information about all of Sony's consoles. Our team of news reporters and reviewers has been carefully assembled in order to supply you with the most in-depth and dependable information available.

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Nintendo News

The very latest Nintendo News 24/7

Although we publish Nintendo Life, we can't cover every last piece of Nintendo News out there and our automated Nintendo News platform links to every article we can find on the subject.

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Pure Xbox

Pure Dedicated Xbox Coverage

If you're into Xbox, you're in the right place. We've been living and breathing all things Xbox since 2001, and it's our duty to keep you informed with everything you need to know about Microsoft's range of world-beating game consoles. At Pure Xbox, you'll find everything from the hottest news and previews to the most painstakingly-detailed reviews and features, all written by dedicated and passionate writers with decades of gaming experience between them.

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Time Extension

Giving classic games more time to shine

Time Extension aims to celebrate the legacy of video games of all ages, whether they are titles from the very dawn of the medium or ones that got released a few years back and deserve another moment in the spotlight. Covering news, features, reviews and much more besides, we aim to ensure that the incredible cultural impact of video gaming never goes unnoticed.

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